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Google-Chrome-2016-Free-DownloadGoogle Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download is a lightweight and easy to use browser which provides a high speed while surfing, and represents a real alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer. With the Google Chrome 2016 Download you get a browser that brings all the modern features of such a, such as tabs and phishing filter. About the Profile function you can also custom settings, such as different proxies, save – this possibility is especially on notebooks that go online in different networks, useful. The zoom function of Google Chrome increases not only the text, but the entire site – including all images that are located on this.

Benefits of Google Chrome 2016 compared to other browsers

The Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download offers with its features in some ways distinct advantages over other available browsers. For each tab a separate process is started. This has the consequence that the crash of such a not equal all open in Google Chrome pages with tears into the abyss. Such a technique mastered so far usually only the Internet Explorer. In addition, the JavaScript engine of the browser from Google has been completely redeveloped. This is significantly faster than the competition. In particular on sites that rely heavily on technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX (most of Google services do so), the gain in speed is significant. The Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download used as HTML rendering engine Webkit and is in good company at the Web browsers Apple Safari and KDE Konqueror, which also use this free component.

The form function from Google browser can automatically fill fields with predefined content such as name and e-mail address. This saves typing and also reduces the frequency of input errors. The new full-screen mode of Google Chrome displays the web the entire screen. This option is particularly advantageous if websites are to be visualized with the browser by a beamer. With version 4 Google introduced Chrome also a synchronization service for the browser history (visited pages) and bookmarks (bookmark) a. In this way, existing bookmarks and histories are compared with each other on different computers. However, a user account with Google is required for using this service. In addition, the Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download Chrome Extensions, Chrome Apps or Chrome designs are enriched with additions of new functions. Users can continue to customize the Google Chrome homepage customization or delete the Google Chrome history. Any errors and malfunctions are eliminated quickly after a quick look in the Google Chrome Troubleshoot index.

We’ll show you how easy it is to install Google Chrome 2016 and emerging problems in the Google Chrome installation can counteract. There is also a guide to Google Chrome Update. In other HowTos we show you how to reveal more features of Google’s browser.

Chrome 46 has a higher loading speed of websites and especially of graphics and video. Furthermore, the new version prevents AutoPlay from videos that are opened in tabs in the background and there are a number of bug fixes. For an overview of all new features of the current version you get in the official release notes.

In addition to the normal Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download Linked here there is also Google Chrome for 64-bit systems as well as Google Chrome Portable.

Download Google Chrome should not be confused with the also developed by Google Chrome OS, a Linux operating system for netbooks.

Every six weeks, a new Google Chrome

Google will introduce the Chrome browser every six weeks in the future in a new and stable version. In other words, Chrome 6, 7 and so on will continue to appear in rapid succession. Google wants to make new features for users so quickly accessible.

Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download

In addition, the company relieves its developers: you are no longer exposed to the pressure to integrate new features at any price in an upcoming update. If a feature is not completely finished, or even faulty, you can incorporate it into the next update, finally appears this already six weeks later. Made it a function not yet in a fix, users had to wait much longer for them.

Google Chrome 2016 gets PDF viewer

The Google developers spendieren its Chrome browser now also a PDF viewer. What Safari 5 and Firefox already ruled on a plug-in also supports: Chrome shows future PDFs directly in the browser window and a download of the file in the Portable Document Format is omitted. So far there is the PDF viewer, however, only in the beta version. To ensure that security is guaranteed, Chrome opens PDFs in the so-called sandbox, a layer that protects the computer against malware and security attacks. The same technique used by the browser even when displaying web pages.

Why Google Chrome decided not to H.264

A few days ago Google announced that future versions of the Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download browser will no longer support the H.264 video codec. Then, many speculated, may have been well behind this decision the reasons. Many like the independence of protected codecs crucial consider. Jason Perlow explained to ZDNet that it considers solely the structural costs of relevant. While out on the Internet a kind of religious war between the followers of different video formats seems to be out, the IT expert Perlow reduces the problem to a single invoice lines: Infrastructure. Who, like Google, listed several billion dollars in sales per year, paid the paltry royalties for a video codec from the petty cash.

Nor it is a matter to distinguish themselves with the platform Chrome Apple, Microsoft and other competitors. Rather, Google had to consolidate a variety format in mind, which can grow to astronomical levels, the cost of server infrastructure of the video portal YouTube. In addition to the facilities to entertain the search engine Google, this item was the second largest billion hole in Mountain View. Many hundreds of exabytes (1 exabyte = 1,000,000 terabytes) store on hard disks and be made available to users every day.

Google Chrome 2016 Video Tutorial

As the company had begun in 2008, to allow HD video, the costs had exploded. „Who wants to support content in different formats and resolutions, need a bigger boat“, so Perlows assessment.

So is the long-term goal, which should be reached with the reduction to only a few supported video formats, the discharge of the YouTube server. Less acceptable formats on YouTube mean lower infrastructure costs. Accordingly, the browser of the mobile operating system Android is not all too long have to wait with a version of himself, who wants to know nothing of H.264.

Apple, RIM and other manufacturers will be able to barely afford their users to deny access to YouTube videos. The step away from Google’s H.264 and WebM and Theora will towards them so soon have to imitate one or the other well-known companies.

Google Chrome 2016 Has support for gamepads

Google has the gamer discovers for himself and is so equip a browser Google Chrome in the future with some new features.

Early next year to get a support for gamepads Chrome. The betrayed Google’s Paul Kinlan at the Develop Liverpool. Also planned is the support of microphones and cameras, and WebRTC, an open source video chat application will soon be used by Chrome.

All mentioned features are the way to run completely without plug-ins. Google shows lately intensified interest in the gaming theme, so for example, there is also a games division at Google+ with titles like Angry Birds.

Google has 1 million dollars for security vulnerabilities

Coming soon will again be held the CanSecWest security conference and Google has announced a new contest on the occasion of this event. Overall, one million US dollars available to be paid out to hackers who reveal vulnerabilities in Google Chrome.

In the official blog of the security team of Chrome developers explain the reward program and what requirements you must meet to receive prize money.

Whoever discovers a full Chrome exploit, with which it is possible to take over the account through browser security holes, receives from Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download handsome $ 60,000. Slightly less deserves it, namely $ 40,000 if one discovers a vulnerability that is responsible for not only Chrome, but also other bugs play a role. US $ 20,000 is available for all, discover the vulnerabilities that affect all browsers. In addition, each winner will receive a Chromebook. The prize money will be paid out as long as, until one reaches one million US dollars.

The large sums giving rise to be paid Chris Evans and Justin Schuh of the Chrome security team so that the detection of a full exploits is far more complex than a normal vulnerability to be discovered. This also uses the developers, because they can so not only fix the errors, but also to understand how it comes to vulnerabilities. In any case, will not only benefit both sides of the competition, but also the users of Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download.

Google Chrome was the number 1 for a day

Although the autocracy of Microsoft listened to in the browser market for many years past, the Internet Explorer but still managed to keep on top. Until now. Now had the browser for a single day, to vacate his place for the competitors out of the house Google.

According to the market research firm StatCounter explain Google Chrome with 32.71 percent last Sunday, 18 March, for the first time on Internet Explorer (32.5 percent) pull over and secure the top position. Although the projection is quite scarce and was limited to one day, but you will have frowned upon the evaluation in Redmond. Peak values ​​reached Chrome, especially in Russia, India and Brazil.

Admittedly Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, this as a milestone, but one must also consider the circumstances in which this success has been achieved. As in many corporate computers most of the Internet Explorer does its job and on weekends, especially on Sundays, is not working everywhere, even fewer people use accordingly the browser from Microsoft. Looking at the statistics for the entire month, shows again the familiar picture. Here the IE still leads in front of the direct competitors.

Google Chrome 2016 Latest Free Download

Although Chrome was for one day of the most used browser in the world, but a beautiful day does not make a summer. Nevertheless, you can not settle back at Microsoft and rest on your own success. Finally, both Chrome and Firefox browsers are serious opponents. In some countries they have caught not only for Internet Explorer, but also already overtaken him. It will be interesting how the market shares will develop in the coming months.

The features of the Chrome browser 2016 Free

Another reason for the success is likely to be certainly been the sandboxing process mentioned the Google browser, be carried out with certain potentially hazardous actions in the browser in a small foreclosed by the system „sandbox“. Otherwise Chrome dominates course also tabbed browsing and can be provided with Chrome Extensions or Apps Chrome with additional features. In many ways, with or without extension, for example, Google Chrome can be configured as a Home.

After ausfürhlich and thorough testing of the Google browser was able to convince a whole in various benchmarks, in particular, support for the new web standard HTML5 is currently above average.

Google Chrome 2016 Download Specification

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