iPhone newest camera feature makes life easier

Do you always shoot in square mode? Or mostly shoot video? The next iPhone update will make your life a little easier. Starting with iOS 10.2, iOS users will get a new setting in the camera app that keeps your preferences each time you open and close the Camera app.

To find the new option, open the Settings app then go to Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings.

Adjust each setting you’d like the Camera app to remember or forget, by toggling the switch next to it.

With Camera Mode turned on, the Camera app will remember the last shooting mode you used (Photo, Square, Video, etc.) and use that same mode the next time you open the app.

Photo Filter does the same, only for the built-in iOS filters. Finally, Live Photo will remember if you turned it off and leave it off, instead of turning it back on each time you close the camera app.

Developers and public beta participants currently have access to iOS 10.2, with the official release expected sometime in December.

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