WiFi, allergies! Is it real, electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Non ionizing radiations ( radio waves ) symbolFor some time, people are struggling with unexplained and recurrent headaches dizziness and skin irritation was the guilt of their often severe discomfort to sensitivity to electromagnetic field Quellenein Zustandmanchmal as electrosensitivity (EHS) according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In a recent Falldie family of a 15-year-old girl in the United Königreichdie by suicide the girl died said was suffering from an allergy to Wi-Fi signals. The signals at her school she made her übelgab blinding headaches and made it difficult for siesich to concentrate said the teenage mother in a British court on 19 November after a story about in the British newspaper The Daily Mirror case.

Participants in a survey of Menschendie allegedly suffer from EHS described physical symptoms such as headaches and Müdigkeitdie appeared when they near Gerätendie electromagnetic Signalewie example Wi-Fi stations mobile phones and computer screens emit. Removing or isolating itself from the signals their symptoms gelindertso the poll results.

However, scientifically controlled Testsin which people were exposed but for electromagnetic signals not say when the signals on or off overwhelming were showed that study participants not in the Lageum to determine if the signals available warennach a 2009 review of 46 such studies published in the journal Bioelectromagnetics.

What about the symptoms?

„Menschendie they EHS say clearly ill,“ said Dr. James Rubinein professor of psychology at Kings College London’s EHS researched and was the author of this review. „But science does not suggest vordass it [electromagnetic signal] the cause of the disease,“ said Rubin Live Science in an e-mail.

And although the WHO on their oficial Websitedie people suffering from EHS exhibition is called „a variety of non-specific symptoms,“ the agency also says that „EHS is not a medical diagnosis.“

„There is no scientific Grundlageum EHS symptoms to EMF (electromagnetic frequency) to connect exposure,“ says the WHO on its website.

Symptoms of EHS can from person to person varies but are usually very verallgemeinertwas bedeutetsie could have many causes. For example, a headache could you say that you are coming down with a cold or you had too much caffeine. Dizziness may it hindeutendas occurrence of stomach flu or lack of sleep. While annoying and unpleasant These indicators are usually not helpful in the cause davonwas Ortungwas it difficult for doctors to identify and can afford to behandelndie source of problems.

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