Google introduces new custom Nexus phone cases

Google have a new series of Nexus phone cases introduced today. They are lot more interesting than the average snap-on shell. Named Live Cases, and that’s a fitting name, because these cases can actually interact with your phone. For one, snapping the case onto a Nexus phone will customize it with an animated wallpaper. This cases has a button which you can set up to launch a specific app.

The new case comes in one shape for each Nexus phone, but what it looks like can be customized quite a bit. Google allows you to print either a photo or a map on the case, and it provides tools to customize them with different filters and color schemes. The choices you make on those will affect what the case’s animated wallpaper looks like.

Google is selling the cases for $35 each. They’re available for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and Nexus 6P. The cases use NFC to transmit their wallpapers and make their add-on button work.

Google originally introduced Live Cases for the Nexus 6, but they were far more limited. As in, you had to be into Skrillex to justify picking one up. Now that Google has rolled out this customizable version, they ought to be a lot more appealing for anyone looking to protect their Nexus phone.

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