Logitech has buy Jaybird for $50 million in cash

Logitech has buy Jaybird for $50 million in cash, maker of popular computer accessories and audio gadgets, has acquired Salt Lake City-based Jaybird for $50 million in cash, with a potential earn-out of 94 million total if growth targets are met. The companies announced the acquisition earlier today.

A statement from Logitech, the acquisition is centered largely around the growth of audio and music-listening products. Since Jaybird’s initial launch ten years ago, the company has released several pairs of headphones, from your average pair of wireless headphones, to these slightly cringe-worthy „sportsband“ Bluetooth headphones, to the fan-favorite Jaybird BlueBuds X headphones. Jaybird also makes an activity-tracking wristband called the Reign. The company’s founder and CEO, Judd Armstrong, said in a prepared statement that Jaybird will „benefit from Logitech’s global distribution network and deep engineering prowess.“

Logitech, on the other hand, is probably still best known for legacy products like the computer mouse and accessories like keyboards, but in recent years has focused more on audio gear. It acquired Ultimate Ears in 2008, and since then has released a variety of audio products under the UE label.

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